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Rishikesh, the gateway to the Himalayas and important pilgrimage center is situated on the banks of the mighty Ganges, and imbued with a rich yogic tradition. The history of yoga and spiritual penance runs deep in this region – many ancient Indian legends have taken place here. RYV has a peaceful Retreat center in Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, away from the hustle and bustle and right to the banks of Ganges.

Best Yoga retreat in india (rishikesh) Training is held here every time. During 7, 10 and 14 days, you will get a precious knowledge about your mind, body and soul, you will learn how to live the life in very peaceful and healthy way. Our Yoga Retreat including an ancient technique – Shatkarma – body cleansing practice, which helps to prepare the body for asana, pranayama and meditation practice. Throughout your classes you will learn how to purify your physical and emotional body through intensive breathing techniques, reach inner concentration, and connect with your soul.

Our high-qualified teachers happy to share with you all their experience and helps you to get your own. Himalayan Yoga Retreat offers custom yoga and meditation retreats for those looking for a short term and authentic experience.

Shatkarma- Jala(water) neti, ruber Neti, Kunjal, vaman, kapalbhati etc to purify the internal body .
Asanas- Pawan muktasana series 1,2,3, surya namaskra series, chandra namskara , pragya yoga series, standing, sitting, lying and balancing asanas for improving physical, mental, emotional and social health .
Pranayama- Nadi shodhan, suryabhedi, bhastrika, bhramari,chandra bhedi, shitali, shitkari etc.
Mudra – bandha- mudras- viparitkarni, shambhavi, khechari, ashvini mudra, panch prana and hast mudra etc. Bandhas-jalandhar bandha, mul bandha and uddiyan bandha.
Mantra- effect of various divine mantra as – om mantra, gayatree mahamantra, mahamritunjay and shiv mantra etc.
Basic text books- hatha pradipika, gherand sanhita
Patanjali yoga sutra – Yoga philosophy
Anatomy & physiology of yoga practices

1 and 2 weeks Yoga Retreats are offered with food and private room accommodation.
1 Week Yoga Retreat fee = USD $300
2 Weeks Yoga Retreat fee = USD $500

  • Yoga Styles : Hata yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, Pragya yoga
  • Daily routine : 6:30 am – Wake-up 7:00 – 8:00 am – Satkarama & Meditation Benefits of Shatkarma & Pranayam Technics of Shatkarma & Pranayam Asana’s or Postures 8:00 am – Yoga Asana, Pranyam Benefits of Hatha Yoga Technics of Hatha Yoga Asana’s or Postures of Hatha Yoga 10:00 am – Breakfast 11:00 am – Anatomy Human body systems Benefits of Anatomy Asana’s or Postures for Anatomy 12:30 pm- Lunch 4:00 pm – Asana, Pranayam Benefits of Asthanga Yoga Technics of Asthanga Yoga Asana’s or Postures of Asthanga Yoga 5:30 pm – Tea-Break 6:00 pm – Meditation What is Meditation Purpose of Meditation Technics of Meditation 8:00 pm – Dinner & Self Study or Keertan. 9:30 pm – Light off
  • Accomodation : double bed private room.
  • Foods : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
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