Yoga Therapy – Yogic Management of Some Common Diseases

Yogic Management of Some Common Diseases – Yoga Therapy Complete Description with cause, Symptoms , types of disease and its Yogic Practices (Shatkarma, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra-Bandha, Relaxation , Meditation etc.)    You Can Search Anything From Search Box. Also can free download PDF and print . Yogic Management of Introuction Types Asana Pranayama Shatkarama Mudra Bandha Relaxation Meditation 1.Cause 2.Cause 3.Cause 4.Cause 5.Cause I.Symptoms II.Symptoms III.Symptoms IV.Symptoms V.Symptoms [Form Publisher] Doc URL [Form Publisher] Increment [Form Publisher] PDF URL Obesity Obesity is the most common nutritional or the metabolic disorder.…

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Free Live Online UGC NET 2018 Yoga & sanskrit Crash Course/ coaching / online preparation in 30 days

Online UGC NET 2018 Complete Preparation in 30 Days Package Know How to clear UGC NET JRF in first attempt complete guide.. Online UGC NET Dec  2018 – 1st Paper (General Study ) complete Preparation in 30 days. Click for Quick Subscribe Live Class Free Online UGC NET Dec  2018 – 2nd Paper (Yoga ) complete Preparation in 30 days.  Click for Quick Subscribe Live Class Free Online UGC NET Dec  2018 – 2nd Paper (Sanskrit ) complete Preparation in 30 days.  Click for Quick Subscribe Live Class Free Click for Quick Subscribe…

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra Samadhi paad UGC NET YOGA

Samadhi and its Types in Patanjal yoga sutra in hindi

समाधि एवं उसके प्रकार तदेवार्थ मात्रनिर्भाशम स्वरुप शुन्यमिव समाधि | 3/3| अर्थात – जब ध्याता – ध्यान एवं ध्येय में से केवल धेय (अर्थ ) मात्र कि प्रतिति शेष रहता है और अपने स्वरुप का  भान नहीं रहता (शुन्य सा हो जाता है ) वह अवस्था समाधि  है | समाधि के प्रकार- १.सम्प्रज्ञात(सबीज) समाधि – ये 4 प्रकार है – वितार्कानुगत,विचारानुगत, आनंदानुगत एवं अस्मिता अनुगत समाधि | २.असम्प्रज्ञात(निर्बीज) समाधि –  ये 2 प्रकार के  है – भव प्रत्यय एवं उपाय प्रत्यय  समाधि | १.सम्प्रज्ञात(सबीज) समाधि का स्वरुप  – अभ्यास वैराग्य आदि साधनों से…

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra UGC NET YOGA Yoga Therapy

Patanjali Yoga Sutra (Yoga philosophy)- Applied applications

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Practical Applications Introduction of maharshi patanjali yoga sutra Place of  Yoga philosophy is very important among diverse Indian philosophies. The form of yoga is very broad, but its fundamental concept is philosophical and spiritual. Historically, the development of yoga has been done in many segments, from the basic knowledge of yoga contained in the ancient Upanishads, Shrimadbhavadgita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras, through various forms of meditative views of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sufis and Sikhs etc. Evolve in Knowledge of yoga is seen in the form of efforts…

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