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Assistant professor Associate Professor Government Job Job/Vacancy Professor

Assitant professor job vacancy in various subjects in a central University 2019-20

Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal (Uttarakhand) – 246 174 Advt. No. HNBGU/Admin.(T)/2019/02 Online applications are invited in the prescribed Application Form, from eligible candidates for appointment to the post of Assistant Professor in the Academic Pay Level 10 of 7th Central Pay Commission Pay Matrix, in various Schools/Subjects of the University and tenure posts sanctioned for Department of Yoga under new department category. The last dat e for receipt of application is 23.09.2019. For details, please visit the website The details regarding qualifications, experience,…

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Yoga Therapy – Yogic Management of Some Common Diseases

Yogic Management of Some Common Diseases – Yoga Therapy Complete Description with cause, Symptoms , types of disease and its Yogic Practices (Shatkarma, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra-Bandha, Relaxation , Meditation etc.)    You Can Search Anything From Search Box. Also can free download PDF and print .        there are foods which are allergic to asthma patient and such foods should be avoided .these foods include cold foods, ice cream, chocolate, milk and milk products , other stimulants, fruits like banana etc.                 …

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Free Live Online UGC NET JRF 2019-2020 Yoga & sanskrit Crash Course/ coaching / online preparation in 30 days

Online UGC NET  JRF 2019-2020 Complete Preparation in 30 Days Package Know How to clear UGC NET JRF in first attempt complete guide.. Online UGC NET June 2020 – 1st Paper (General Study ) complete Preparation in 30 days. Click for Quick Subscribe Live Class Free   UGC DEC NET 2020 1st Paper complete online preparation with live view  from April 2019. where you can also download free Notes in Pdf format and video lectures. Free Online Mock test to check your preparation  Just Register Free here to conform your seat…

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra Samadhi paad UGC NET YOGA

Samadhi and its Types in Patanjal yoga sutra in hindi

समाधि क्या है ? महर्षि पतंजलि कहते है – “तदेवार्थ मात्रनिर्भाशम स्वरुप शुन्यमिव समाधि | 3/3|” योग सूत्र | अर्थात – जब ध्याता – ध्यान एवं ध्येय में से केवल धेय (अर्थ ) मात्र कि प्रतिति शेष रहता है और अपने स्वरुप का  भान नहीं रहता (शुन्य सा हो जाता है ) वह अवस्था समाधि  है | समाधि के प्रकार- १.सम्प्रज्ञात(सबीज) समाधि – ये 4 प्रकार है – वितार्कानुगत,विचारानुगत, आनंदानुगत एवं अस्मिता अनुगत समाधि | २.असम्प्रज्ञात(निर्बीज) समाधि –  ये 2 प्रकार के  है – भव प्रत्यय एवं उपाय प्रत्यय  समाधि | १.सम्प्रज्ञात(सबीज)…

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Kaivalya Paad Patanjali Yoga Sutra Sadhan paad Samadhi paad Vibhuti Paad

Four Chapters of Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Introduction

Introduction of patanjali yoga sutra – four Chapters (195 sutras) 1.Samadhipad – In patanjali yoga sutra Describing the signs, nature and measures of Yoga in the first phase, the five distinctions of the mind and the characteristics of the mind are described. There the contractor has considered sleeping under instinct. (Yogasutra 1/10) and while showing signs of anomalous instincts, he has been misinformed. So it is generally understood that in the name of ‘Avidya’ in the second foot, the principal affliction has been described. (Yoga Sutras 2/4), He, and the…

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